Embrace the Wild in your Dog with Bryan Bailey
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Embrace the Wild in your Dog with Bryan Bailey

Sled dogs are known as #1 source of transportation in the winter, and if you grew up in Alaska, you would be no stranger to these beautiful dogs. As a young boy, Bryan Bailey found himself up close & personal with wolves in the wild. The more time Bryan spent with these animals, he discovered the similarities between the wolves & his dog! This turned into a lifelong fascination for Bryan. Tune into this episode to hear about the amazing work that Bryan has done & continues to do throughout the world. Bryan’s passionate and powerful work is truly showcased in this episode! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: [00:04:22] How is Bryan’s Training Programs Different from the Rest? [00:14:59] Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Trainer [00:29:15] Advice For Dog Owners [00:34:31] Dog Pharmacotherapy: What is it? [00:46:26] Bryan’s #1 Favorite Transformation Connect with Guest Name: 1. Follow Bryan on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter 2. Find Bryan on his website 3. Purchase Bryan’s Book here 4. Listen to Bryan’s Radio Show here 5. Check out Bryan on YouTube 6. Shop Taming the Wild here

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