Catching Saddam Hussein and Entrepreneurship
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Catching Saddam Hussein and Entrepreneurship

WHOA!! Are you ready to get naked and fired up with today’s guest, Eric Maddox?! Eric is a recipient of the National Intelligence Medal of Achievement, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) Director's Award, Legion of Merit, and Bronze Star, for his direct role in the capture of Saddam Hussein. Yes, that’s right...Saddam Hussein! Tune in to hear Eric and David talk about how Eric’s interrogation skills can be used in business and learn to become effective at utilizing those tools. Be sure to stay to the end to hear Eric tell the story of how his last 24 hours of hunting Saddam Hussein played out! IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: [00:01:23] Beginning of Interrogation Career [00:11:18] Using Interrogation Skills in the Business World [00:15:57] How Can Someone Become More Influential? [00:20:26] How Can Someone Gain Leadership? [00:25:19] Eric’s Last 24 Hours Hunting Saddam Connect with Eric Maddox: 1. Follow Eric on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram & Twitter 2. Find Eric on his website 3. Contact Eric to schedule Consulting and/or Training Connect with David Asarnow Find David on his website Find David on his Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn & Facebook

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